Camp Fahrenheit 2017

3rd Annual Camp Fahrenheit 516 July 24th - 29th

Day 1 

All 46 juniors completed the first day at camp Fahrenheit 516. The juniors focused on mask confidence and history of the fire service.

Day 2

As day 2 comes to a close all 46 juniors took part in learning search and rescue techniques, navigating through a smoked out maze, and how maneuver their way through low profile scenarios. Swipe to the left to see all 3 photos from today at camp Fahrenheit 516. Stay tuned for tomorrow and watch our live stream on YouTube of the juniors participating in extinguisher training and bailout training.

Day 3 

Today (day 3 of camp Fahrenheit 516) all 46 juniors completed force able entry training, extinguisher training, and bailout training. Swipe to the left once again to see all photos and check in tomorrow for an update on what happened on the 4th day of camp Fahrenheit 516

Day 4 

On day 4, the juniors took part in learning how to extinguish a commercial fire, Ariel ladder training, and basic knot tying skills.

Day 5 

Today was the final day of live fire and hands on firefighter training for the 46 juniors who have endured the past 5 out of 6 days of camp Fahrenheit. 

Day 6 

Today was the final day of camp Fahrenheit 516. The juniors from Nassau and Suffolk county all became CPR certified, learned how to use an AED, and learned about basic first aid.